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Mike Allen, Birkbeck
The history of media technologies, including digital; early British cinema; early and modern American cinema; British television; representations of the Cold War and the Space Age.
Erika Balsom mugshot
Erika Balsom, King's
Moving image installation; experimental cinema; history of film theory; new media/old media.

Shakuntala Banaji, LSE
Popular Hindi film, cinema audiences, youth audiences, young people and children's interaction with the internet, politics/gender/ethnicity and media, South Asian media, media pedagogies.
Somnath Batabyal photo
Somnath Batabyal, SOAS
Television and news ethnography, notions of nationalism and identity, dissident and contra nationalism discourses, development and media, South Asian mediascape.
Daniela Berghahn, RHUL
Transnational cinema, especially migrant and diasporic cinema in Europe; German cinema, including DEFA; the representation of the family in cinema; memory, history and film.
Chris Berry, King's
Chinese cinemas (PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and diaspora); Chinese television; Chinese independent video documentary, Chinese new media and CMC; Korean cinema; queer Asian cinema.
Mark Betz, King's
Postwar European cinema (esp. France and Italy), exploitation cinema, non-Western political and art cinemas, film theory and historiography, the history of academic film studies.
Liesbeth de Block, IoE
Media and young people, media and migration, young audiences; Digital media and civic participation, using media in qualitative research.

Lucy Bolton photo
Lucy Bolton, Queen Mary
Film philosophy and phenomenology; feminist theory, philosophy and women's cinema; stardom ancelebrity; Hollywood and British Cinema.
Martin Brady mugshot
Martin Brady, King's
Documentary and Brechtian cinema; Intermediality and literary adaptation; GDR cultural history.

Tom Brown photo
Tom Brown, King's
Film rhetoric: spectacle and the spectacular; direct address. Film History: classical cinemas of Hollywood and 1930s France; history on film; musicals. Close analysis and interpretation.
Andrew Burn, IoE
Social semiotic theories of screen media, especially film and games; media literacy and media education; and creativity and new media authoring practices
Diane Carr, IoE
Digital games, the relationship of games to film, meaning and digital textuality, trans-media narratives, representation and gender.
Erica Carter profile picture
Erica Carter, King's
German cinema, gender and consumption in cultural history, transnationalism in film and cultural history, European colonialism.
Phil Cavendish, UCL
Art cinema (especially European), exploitation cinema, non-Western, alternative cinemas, film theory and historiography, the history of academic film studies.
Jenny Chamarette mugshot
Jenny Chamarette, Queen Mary
Art cinema and artist's moving image, film-philosophy, affect and embodiment, art theory, curatorial practice, intermediality, installation art, cultural institutions.

Lilei Chouliaraki (LSU) staff picture
Lilie Chouliaraki, LSE
Discourse and text analysis, social theory, political philosophy and ethics in relation to processes of mediation.
Jinhee Choi profile picture
Jinhee Choi, King's
East Asian Cinema, the Global Film Industry, Classical and Contemporary Film Theories, Philosophy of Film, Sentimentality and Sensibility.
Ian Christie, Birkbeck
Early cinema and pre-cinematic media; film and the visual arts; British cinema and television, including Powell and Pressburger; Russian cinema, from the pre-Soviet period to post-Soviet present.
Sarah Cooper, King's
Film theory and continental philosophy; ethics and film, especially documentary; French cinema; and modern critical theory.
Nick Couldry mugshot
Nick Couldry, LSE
Media rituals and anthropological approaches to media; Reality TV; celebrity and fandom; Media and democracy; Alternative and community media; media ethics; the intersection between media and surveillance.
Sean Cubitt mugshot
Sean Cubitt, Goldsmiths
History of visual technologies, media art history, political economy and governance, and relationships between environmental and post-colonial criticism of film and media.

James Curran, Goldsmiths
media political economy; media and politics; media history; and media theory.
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